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How it all started:

Rear Area Support Foundation was originally formed by Dennis Stiles U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran 4th I.D. with support from Daniel Little U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran 101st Airborne, family members Richard (JR) Nichols, Jeanette Nichols and Pattie Little. Rear Area Support Foundation was incorporated in 2008 and received I.R.S. 501(c)(3) charity status February 2009 and California charity status March 2009. 

Dennis started RASF because he remembered receiving care packages in Vietnam and although far and few between they were cherished to the last paper, picture, crumb and shave, Daniel agreed. He started sending a few packages a week to the troops in Afghanistan and after a year RASF was sending as many as 100 a month. The only fundraising that was done was for items to put in the care packages and Dennis was covering the postage on his own.

Richard (JR) Nichols got involved after Daniel requested some t-shirts for a fundraiser for Sgt. Ryan Price U.S. Army Veteran 101st Airborne who was blown up in Iraq, lost both legs and wanted to build a room addition off his parents house for independence. JR delivered the shirts to Daniel's friend and was asked to meet Ryan because he agreed to donate the shirts. Dennis was phasing out while dealing with his post traumatic combat stress from his tour in Vietnam and turned over the whole charity and control of the board to JR in 2010 so he could focus on getting help.

JR was honored to take the lead and was able to introduce two new programs right away and a third that will be launched in 2015. The first new program was Vision 2 Victory a wish grant program that allowed Veterans to put in a special request like Ryan Price and if we could get 75% of it donated we would grant the full wish. Some of the wishes granted have been, sending a Vietnam Veteran to the WALL in D.C. while battling agent orange, bringing The Wall That Heals replica Vietnam Wall to Orange, Ca., Racing boats in the ocean at 80+ M.P.H., Wedding and first dance post injury for two Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and smaller wishes from buying breakfast to shopping sprees. The next new program was the Global War on Terror Wall of Remembrance traveling that pays tribute to the fallen from Beirut, Gulf Wars, Tragedies of 9/11/01, Iraq and Afghanistan. This memorial bears the names of over 10,000 heroes and victims along with a full color timeline telling the Global War on Terrorism story from 1983 to current. This is a perpetual memorial that will not be closed out until the Global War on Terrorism campaign is officially closed. The most recent project to be launched is the Veteran to Veteran help line that aims to reduce suicides amongst the military active duty and veterans. We will kick off 1-888-Vet 2 Vet (838-2838) November 2015.

Rear Area Support and it's volunteers will continue to adapt to and overcome the ever changing challenges of OUR HEROES and we ask all Americans to get their hands dirty with us. 

Roll up your sleeves, God bless our country and We will see you soon.

Rear Area Support Foundation Inc.

1389 McKenzie Drive

Placentia, California 92870


Veteran Help Line

(GOING LIVE 11/11/15)

888.Vet 2 Vet

888. 838 2 838