I was raised by a Korean War Veteran Grandfather, Vietnam Era Veteran Father, Vietnam Veteran Step-Father & a Vietnam Veteran Uncle. I watched friends join the military and fight in Desert Shield / Storm and now in the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.

The only thing the Veterans around me in my life ever asked for is that they are REMEMBERED. That we honor their service and the lives of their friends that served next to them. We need to remember their stories because if we forget the past we will repeat it. So please join me it this mission to honor them everyday.

David & Jenn


Our Team:


Founders Message:


The founder of Rear Area Support is asked all the time if he served, his answer is that he did not serve in the military but that he feels it is every American's duty to volunteer helping those that paid for the freedoms we are so very blessed with.

Stephen & Semper

Mission & Vision

We have two goals. 1. Honor those that gave their lives as the ultimate sacrifice and their families. 2. Leave no warrior behind no matter the age, race, creed,

Brandon & Kayla

JR & Jeanette

We strive to impact Veterans everyday through remembrance!


Americans are always busy or sometimes are not available to volunteer. Donating what you can when you can allows us to fill the spaces that those that are busy can not. Let us serve our Heroes and their loved ones on your behalf.